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    ― 芋 ―
    Distilled in 2007, this Imo shochu was handcrafted from the label design to bottling. Matured in a sherry Oloroso cask for more than 10 years at the OhIshi Distillery warehouse, this shochu has a rich Oloroso sherry colour and is full of dedicated fruity notes. Its smooth combination of vanilla and acacia honey flavours is rounded off with a soft release of citrus. Maturely aged, this shochu was bottled at its peak straight from cask No.33, at 38% ABV, undiluted, and limited to 651 bottles. It delivers the original exquisite flavour of the Japanese sweet potato-based shochu.
    ¥11,000(tax included)
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    Product: Liqueur (poteto shochu base)
    Capacity: 500ml
    ABV: 37%

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