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    【Ver.3 16year】

    Ariake Signature Kome version is chosen solely from the finest rice shochu, distilled in 2006. It has been allowed to mature over 11 years in oloroso sherry and has maintained its rice shochu character at the OhIshi Distillery warehouse. Bottling straight from cask No. 1068, undiluted, limited to 713 bottles only. The bottle has been authentically handcrafted from label design to packaging. This edition was selected and bottled in its ideal state. The result is a refreshing, lightly spiced, well-balanced taste with gentle, soft vanilla and bitter orange notes. This Kome (rice) based shochu is the perfect combination of wood spice and Japanese shochu, giving it a distinctive taste that leaves a sweet, satisfying finish.
    ¥12,980(tax included)
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    Product: Liqueur (rice shochu base)
    Capacity: 500ml
    ABV: 41%

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